Fearless. Brave. Kind. The mountain girl knows there isn't a mountain they can't climb. She constantly seek adventure, growth, knowledge.Her imagination is limitless. She envisions a better world for all.


Mission Statement:
Mountain Girl Company's mission is to give all women a chance to reclaim her inner wild in the great outdoors. 

Hello! Welcome to my boutique!

I'm Claire, and I'm the owner of Mountain Girl Company. Mountain Girl Company is an outdoor-inspired boutique that sells eco-friendly apparel, cruelty-free skincare, and more. I'm big on sustainability, which is why all the products here are sourced as responsibly and locally as possible.

A bit about me:

I'm a writer (journalist, specifically) who has spent my entire life traveling the world. I've been all around North America, Europe, and Asia, and I'm constantly planning my next adventure. I'm based in Denver, Colorado, home of the incredible Rocky Mountains, where I love to hike, paddle, and snowboard.

I created this boutique because I wanted to have a guide of items travelers should always have with them when exploring the world. For example, you'll never know when you'll need your rain jacket or phone charger

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all — my contact info can be found below. :) 


Claire at info@mountaingirlcompany.com