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The mountains first called to Claire, founder and owner of Mountain Girl Company, in 2013 when she was only twenty years old. It was that first trip to Colorado that sparked her curiosity for traveling and exploring new places. While Claire was in college, she saved all her money up from waiting tables and ventured to Mexico, the Middle East, and Europe. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in magazine journalism and agriculture, and while her classmates went east to NYC, she went west, towards the mountains. 

Denver has been home for Claire for the past six years and she's still traveling safely despite the pandemic. She's always wanted to own a boutique and the idea came to her after creating packing lists and wishing there was one place she could buy everything at instead of running all over the city to buy them. Also, after years as a journalist, she learned about sustainable and cruelty-free practices so she became an advocate for products that were transparent in its sourcing and environmentally friendly.

In the spring of 2021, Mountain Girl Company was born. Not only does Claire get to curate a boutique that stands for everything she believes in, she also has the chance to show others that if she can scale a mountain, they can too. 

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