A Mountain-Inspired Boutique

Mountain Girl Company's mission is to give all women a chance to reclaim her inner wild in the great outdoors. 

As sustainably and eco-friendly as possible.

What does sustainability and being eco-friendly mean to us?

It means carrying products that are transparent in its practices.

Our t-shirts and sweaters:

  • spell out where the garments are sourced from
  • are produced in the USA
  • and are made of natural fibers that are good for your skin

Plus, they are classic staples to add to your wardrobe for every day wear and traveling.

Our skincare is made by an artisan in southern California that stands for everything we represent as well: organic, all-natural, cruelty-free. Our vision is that these products are used for traveling light, whether it's by plane or going on a weeklong backpacking trip. 

The rest of the goods found at Mountain Girl Company are also meant to enhance your traveling experiences, whether its your first time heading up to the mountains or your hundreth. Either way, we're here for you — so gear up & let's go. 

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