Breakfast of Champions: Colorado Edition

Breakfast is such a highly revered meal in Colorado that there are some restaurants here that are only open for it until 2 p.m. 

Here’s a list of my favorite brunch places to fuel up at before or after your mountain excursion. 

*Reservations recommended.


Baloo Berry from Green Seed Market in Denver Central Market 

Green Seed Market @ Denver Central Market 

Order: Baloo Berry Acai Bowl - An açaí bowl topped with granola, chia seeds, granola, coconut, blackberries, blueberries, and lemon curd. 

2669 Larimer St.


Prosper Eats 

Order: Make Your Own Acai Bowl - I love getting an açaí bowl with cacao nibs, crystallized ginger, granola, and honey.

2550 15th St.


Deep South Benedict from Sassafras American Eatery

Sassafras American Eatery 

Order: Deep South Benedict - pulled pork, collard greens, barbecue sauce, and poached eggs on top of corn bread. 

320 E. Colfax Ave.

Capitol Hill (Multiple locations)

 Cookie Dough Doughnut Bites at Steuben's


Order: Cookie Dough Doughnut Holes with a Let’s Get Ready to Rage - deep-fried cookie dough in pancake batter & an iced coffee spiked with peanut butter whiskey.

523 E. 17th Ave.




Order: Coconut French Toast - french toast sticks coated in coconut with coconut syrup on the side.

1875 York St.

City Park (Multiple locations)

 Sourdough Waffle from Annette Scratch to Table

Annette @ Stanley Marketplace* 

Order: Anything. You won’t be disappointed. Pictured: a seasonal peppermint & chocolate sourdough waffle.

2501 Dallas St.


Chile Rellenos at Breakfast Queen 

Breakfast Queen 

Order: Chile Rellenos - a Southwest classic. Crispy stuffed peppers smothered with green chile and served with rice & beans.  

3460 S. Broadway


 Trompeau Bakery Breakfast Sandwich

Trompeau Bakery 

Order: Roast Beef & Brie Sandwich - a delicious breakfast sandwich served on a house-made French baguette.  

2950 S. Broadway


Sterling's Sweet Biscuits from The French Press - Lakewood 

The French Press

Order: Sterling’s Sweet Biscuits - sweet potato biscuits topped with chorizo gravy and a side of eggs your way and breakfast potatoes. 

7323 W. Alaska Drive

Lakewood (Multiple locations)


The Cow, an eatery

Order: Wheatberry Cereal - a yummy alternative to oatmeal. Whole wheat grains topped with craisins, milk, and whipped cream. Served hot.  

316 Bear Creek Ave 


 Chorizo Benedict and Hash Browns from Sunshine Cafe

Sunshine Cafe 

Order: Chorizo Benedict - eggs Benedict made spicy with ground chorizo, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and hash browns.

250 Summit Place


Banana's Foster Crepes from Hotel Colorado - Glenwood Springs

Hotel Colorado 

Order: Bananas Foster Crepes - French-style crepes topped with a caramel banana sauce and whipped cream. 

526 Pine St.

Glenwood Springs 

Photos by Claire Lardizabal @mtngirleats

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